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MCW Global Partners is one of the most diverse and intellectual group of individuals. Each Associate has been considered and handpicked by our officer, based on their knowledge and overall ability to perform above others in their role and industry. Each Associate has two common specialties, which is the “Can Do” and “Think out of the Box Mentality”, which makes them leaders and overall assets to our corporation and industry. We are an equal opportunity employer!

Pete Maysonet
Founder and Principal

Mr. Pete J. Maysonet has approximately two decades of Business Management and Development experience. Mr. Maysonet has explored and invested in endeavors in such industries as Advertisement, Fashion, Entertainment, Construction, Financial Management, Real Estate, Food and Product Development. Mr. Maysonet backgound sets him on seasoned entrepreneur platform, allowing his experience be an asset to his clients and business partners worldwide.  

Shondre Guest
Director of Marketing

Mr. Shondre Guest comes to MCW Global Partners with a vast amount of experience in overall Marketing and Sales. Mr. Guest has been involved with top level event planning in Atlanta Georgia, representing global organizations and celebrities. He is recognized for his ability to Promote and expand awareness of individuals, companies, and brands nationwide. Working for companies such as Sprint, 4-US-Sports and Grail Management, Mr. Guest is proud to represent a strong and successful background in Marketing and Sales. 

Rachel Staley-Maysonet
Vice President

Mrs. Rachel Staley-Maysonet is a former professional teen model, with vast amount of experience in Product Marketing and Human Resources. Together with her husband she has launched several successful businesses, and has provided support to clients on a international platform.  Most recent, she served as the President of a National Marketing company servicing the Real Estate Management world. Since then she has held executive roles within the family businesses. 

Marilyn Viruet-Brandley
Operations Manager

Mrs. Marilyn Viruet-Bradley is a entrepreneur at heart! She has been featured in several magazines and blogs for her personal "Skin Candy" Product, and has been praised for her ability to coordinate several stylish parties for individuals, celebrities and companies under her "Stylish Party Ideas" company. In addition to her event planning and product development  skills, Mrs. Viruet-Bradley comes with a strong Corporate Structuring background. Previously serving as a trainer for global logistic compliance, she also has served in several executive level positions for national and international organizations.