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MCW Global Partners provides business consulting services in areas of Management, Accounting, Marketing, Planning and Development.

Business Consulting

MCW Global Partners has a team of professional marketing specialist, with the perfect vision on how to brand and enhance your business platform.

Business Branding

You need a strong partner? MCW Global Partners has a pool of Business Investors ready to speak with you, and help your business obtain capital.

Business Investment

The Entertainment business can be brutal for individuals trying to make it. The Principals of MCW Global Partners have the experience to lead you to success.

Artist Management

MCW Global Partners is equipped with experience associates to help you plan your business future. Prepare Business Plans and Proforma's up to 15-years ahead.

Business Planning

MCW Global Partners has a team of professional marketing and sales associates. Specializing in Social Media, Outreach, Printing, Television and Radio strategies.

Marketing & Sales